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The Best of Both Worlds

怜悯• 塞拉 巴黎圣母院

The Tri-School Program provides a variety of co-educational experiences that help our young men and women 学生 interact with each other in a healthy, 尊重, and appropriate manner. This collaborative effort allows our schools to remain single gender, while providing 学生 significant co-educational opportunities in all areas of school life. If signing up for a Tri-School course, you will also need to sign and return this Tri-School contract.

Our collaboration allows each school to provide the benefits of single gender education in a way that respects its particular history, 传统, mission and ethos, while at the same time offering the benefits of coeducational experiences.

To this end we are committed to providing:

  • opportunities for 学生 to develop spiritually by providing co-educational retreats, prayer services, and service opportunities;
  • co-educational extracurricular and 领导 activities to all 学生
  • an environment in which our 学生 develop healthy relationships that are marked by respect and constructive communication.
Tri-School Courses
Classes At 塞拉 Classes at Mercy
爵士乐队 解剖学 & 生理学
先进的乐队 Honors 解剖学 & 生理学
Architectural Design AP Psychology
Virtual Enterprise Forensic Biology
Intro to Business: Entrepreneurship 摄影
Intro to Business: Marketing 三维艺术
Mandarin 1-8, AP  
德国1 - 8